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The one who gets an eDonors attention first - wins. Why not be the first since it's easy and risk-free?

Have you ever shopped one place over and over just because you knew what to expect? It's human nature to keep doing what's familiar and comfortable, instead of trying something new that might not be as good.

It's the same with your donors. Once they try your eFundraising program, they'll know what it's like, how it works and what to expect. They'll reach a nice comfort level and be less likely to switch to supporting another eFundraising program. That's why the organization that gets an eDonors attention first, wins their support - again and again.

eRetail sales are going up 25%
every year. Last year online
shoppers spent almost $150
billion. What if you could
capture some of those dollars?
It could mean millions in
donations? Be the first.

We make securing your members' eDonations easy since there's no risk. We make sure your eDonors have a great online experience - so they'll keep coming back. The portal we design for you will look and feel comfortably like an extension of your own organization. Our free support means we work together to make sure that every channel you reach your members through helps build a great relationship and show them how they can make a difference. Even better, there's no cost to you or your donors for our expertise, solution or continued support.

That's what makes us different.

Once your eFundraising program is up and running, securing eDonations is as easy as telling supporters it's there - before someone else does.

Be the first to get eDonations.

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