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Sparhawk Rolls Up Their Sleeves for SADD

Mike Harakal III on a work project with SADD

Sparhawk Founder and CEO Mike Harakal III and Director of Client Support Denise Kozuch attend Sparhawk client SADD's national conference in New Orleans.

This is a great example of Sparhawk going the extra mile for our clients. We feel strongly that the support aspect of eFundraising is the key ingredient. In SADD's case, we needed to get in front of the SADD national team, their regional and chapter advisors, as well as the elite SADD students in order to get out the message of the enormous fundraising potential of SADD’s eMall( With our hands on approach, we can help SADD achieve their mission more effectively helping in 2 major ways. One, increased funding at the national level provides access to more national publicity, more comprehensive and effective programs as tools for their student members to use, as well as more dollars for SADD scholarships. Secondly, in SADDs case, this is something that the students can bring home to their parents, friends, family and community as an exciting way to use internet shopping to move their mission forward.

While on site in New Orleans at the SADD National Conference, Sparhawk sponsored a work project to help SADD’s student leaders re-paint one of the Katrina devastated schools. During that day, we worked hand and hand with some the most outstanding kids we have ever met. Their enthusiasm and drive was truly inspiring. Their intense passion mirrors ours. They ”get” thinking globally, and acting locallyt. Their passion and focus saves lives everyday. Sparhawk brings that drive to our clients because at the end of the, we would to help make the world a better place as well.

We have helped a highly motivated group of young leaders understand the potential offered through use of the SADD eMall.. SADD represents 30,000 chapters, 350,000 students and millions of people connected to those highly motivated students. Two students approached us, they were budding graphics designers, and asked if they could put together SADD eMall flyers and to post around their home town. Needless to say, they were excited to promote their mission by assisting in SADD fundraising.

Different clients require different assistance. Some clients may only need an eMall button, some good copy for their website and eNewsletters and they are off to the races. Some need weekly or monthly follow up meetings. No problem. We are there for them. Build it and they will come, just doesn't work on the internet. On the internet, it's not as if people are driving by the mall everyday to be reminded that Macy's exists. They must be reminded, through a continual process of education, that shopping can create a positive change in the world.

We educate our clients that delivering a branded eMall with 100s of fresh promotions is an event, but that educating their supporters in its use is a process. We must continually create events which draw attention to the eMall.

As an aside, NOLA is far from being rebuild. Sparhawk will look for opportunities to help as many Katina related efforts as possible.

Pictures from the project:

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