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  • "We are excited to be the first United Way to partner with Sparhawk on this innovative fundraising tool. With the continued growth in the use of technology, the UWCM eMALL is a creative and convenient way to increase donorship by capitalizing on an online user's existing shopping habits."

    Carole Ricks
    Assistant Director of e-Direct Marketing at UWCM

  • "United Way of Central Maryland's eMALL is a new way for us to expand our reach and diversify our fundraising efforts"

    Mark Furst
    Executive Vice President and COO of UWCM

  • "The partnership with Sparhawk is helping us at a critical time. Funding from the eMALL helps our researchers convert research findings into clinically relevant therapies, an expensive process. We are working to launch six new clinical therapies over the next 18 months, starting with breast cancer."

    Ann Siemens
    Vice President for Institutional Development of SKCC

  • "Our eFundraising Mall is a brand new application for fundraising and will seemlessly integrate, with minimal effort into all of SADD's existing fundraising strategies. We look forward to working with SADD, moving forward to assist in educating and empowering their supporters to understand that spending the time to make one extra click to make purchases they were going to make anyway can help make the world a safer place, by contributing to SADD. In fact, we have a client already realizing an additional $3 per member in its fundraising campaign with Sparhawk."

    Michael Harakal III
    President of Sparhawk, quoted on with regards to SADD

  • "People are going to shop anyway. Once you link into your favorite store such as Best Buy or Amazon from, it is the actual merchant’s site, except now a percentage of the sales will be given to the foundation to help diabetes research and related causes. This is an incredible program. The Support aspect of Sparhawk’s eMALL model is what makes it so unique. So many top, and I mean top, retailers are involved as well. Just fantastic."

    Tom Karlya
    President of the dLife Foundation

  • "I've rolled this concept out to my clients, and all I hear is, why wouldn't we do it? eMALL eFundraising is here to stay since it just makes sense ... and the Sparhawk Team is there all the way"

    Elin Bullman
    President, The Write Effect

  • "As the owner of a technical company for member management and development director for Zeta Psi Fraternity, I consider Sparhawk's eFundraising Mall to be a ground-breaking technology to raise money in a way not possible before. I signed on with no hesitation. Why wouldn't I? Unbelievably, there's no risk and it costs nothing. Now we can carry out our nonprofit work and keep the money rolling in - a feat that's always been one of the biggest challenges for a nonprofit. Even better, Sparhawk is teaching us how to run our operation more efficiently and manage membership more strategically. Many o fus nonprofits don't have the extra resources to focus on improving the business. But with Sparhawk's help, we are learning how to run our business better while raising potentially millions through our eFundraising Mall."

    Dan Bakker
    Development Director, Fundraising & Member Management, Zeta Psi
    President/Owner, Affinity DB

  • "Sparhawk's eFundraising program is a fresh new concept that we're leveraging into a new income stream. Our members say the eMALL is a 'cool way to fundraise' and bookmark it on their browser for quick access. It was extremely easy to implement since Sparhawk is there every step of the way. Without exception, there has been nothing but positive comments from our organization about this program. Even our city newspaper sponsor is impressed. In fact, they want to know how they can be an eRetailer on the eMALL"

    Director of Individual and Planned Giving, Large National Not-For-Profit

  • "Now there's a way to sustain large-scale fundraising without having to rely mainly on corporate contributions and member donations. Sparhawk has given non-profits and charities a way to carry out their great work and keep the money rolling in. Even better, they are teaching these organizations more strategic and efficient ways to operate and manage membership. Kudos to Sparhawk for providing *FREE* technology and support to good-will industries who usually can't afford these advantages."

    Greg McElroy
    Director of Capital Campaigns, Zeta Psi
    Former Executive Director, Zeta Psi North America

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